Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. How to Use this Course

    1. Intro to Branding: Why it Matters

    2. How to Identify Your Perfect Customer/Follower

    3. Colors, Fonts, and Choices - Oh MY!

    4. Choosing a Brand Name

    5. Developing Your Key Messaging

    6. How to Narrow Down Your Content

    7. Overview & Homework

    8. Questions

    1. Fake It Til You Make It

    2. How to Gain Social Authority

    3. Consistency Matters

    4. Schedule "Down Time"

    5. The Single Most Important Day in Your Schedule!!!

    6. Overview & Homework

    7. Questions

    1. Which Platform to Choose?

    2. Instagram

    3. Facebook

    4. Pinterest

    5. Self Hosted Website/Blog

    6. Google

    7. Youtube

    8. TikTok

    9. The Un-Mentionables

    10. Things You Didn't Know You Should be Doing Online

    11. Overview & Homework

    12. Questions

    1. Why Your Handle Matters

    2. How to Select the Right Profile Pic

    3. 150 Characters or Less

    4. Does Location Matter?

    5. All things LINK IN BIO

    6. Contact Info Must Do's

    7. SEO Hacks You Need to Know

    8. Overview & Homework

    9. Questions

    1. Why it Matters

    2. Framing

    3. Lighting

    4. Sizing/Resizing

    5. Filters & Editing

    6. How to Pose

    7. My Brand Goes Here Too??!!

    8. The Right Shots for Your Niche

    9. Overview & Homework

    10. Questions

Show Up Like a PRO

  • $19.80
  • 91 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content
  • Workbook Included
  • PLUS, 4 Bonus Tools
  • Lifetime Access to the Course

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Bonus Content

You'll also receive access to:

  • Digital Content Planner

    $200 value

    My handy dandy digital content planner that allow you to see the year at a glance, and dive in to each day of the week, to create a cohesive social strategy in minutes!
    ** Please note that this tool is dated for 2022 and has not been updated for 2023+ . It CAN be edited by the user for future usability however**

  • 101 Lists!

    $150 value

    You'll receive TWO idea lists to assist you when you get stuck creating content!! The first is my 101 REEL IDEAS list- that will help you create viral video content when you're stuck on "What do I post?" The second is my 101 PROBLEMS TO SOLVE list that will help you create non spammy posts that will get you sales!

  • Copy Templates

    $200 value

    Stuck on what to say?? My personal copy templates will help you draft badass captions EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

This Course is For. . .

  • Those who are ready to land more sales.

    Whether you sell a product, offer a service, or are ready to step into the Influencer realm: We'll focus on content creation that leaves your followers BEGGING for your stuff!

  • Those who are ready to show up online AND get results.

    We'll debunk the myths of how to get your content seen, the tricks to optimize views on the explore/fyp pages, and how to move from crickets to crowd cheering.

  • Those who are ready to ELEVATE their online presence.

    I'll be sharing deep dives into HOW I create viral content for my clients, so that YOU can feel empowered to create your own high end content. WITHOUT the expensive production budget.


The time will pass anyway. . . What are you waiting for?

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  • 00 Seconds

At the end of this Course. . .

You'll be able to:

  • Find, Identify, and Aquire your PERFECT customer and know the types of content that will encourage them to hit the "follow" button.

  • Film Reels and TikToks that are just as good (if not better) than your favorite Social Media Personalities, AND optimize them for long term SEO results.

  • Produce high quality content that not only looks amazing, but gets the engagement and views that your channel deserves.

  • Create an endless stream of content that is fresh, fun, and gets results. . . WITHOUT burning yourself out, or feeling like you have to constantly be "working."

Who is Kelsey?

Kelsey Egan

Digital Brand Strategist • Content Creator • Social Media Manager ______________________________________________ I help busy entrepreneurs scale their businesses online with less hassle , more confidence, and smaller budgets. ______________________________________________ Viral growth shouldn't cost an arm and a leg, let me show you how to hack the system organically 🚀


  • There are thousands of other people doing EXACTLY what I am doing, How will this course benefit me?

    I am going to show you EXACTLY how to stand out from the sea of others doing exactly what you are doing. You’ll shift your mindset from competition, to camaraderie… and begin cheering them on! Even IF you do/sell/say the exact same things!

  • What if I don't know what I want to do/say/be online?

    That’s OK! This course will help you clarify not only who you WANT to be online, but who you are meant to be. There’s 100% a reason that there is only 1 YOU on this planet & this course will help you identify and embrace that badass rockstar inside of you. AND enable you to show up as that person for your business.

  • What if I don't have professional equipment?

    We’re going to bust some myths on what you actually “need” as a small business owner. And I’ll share some free and low cost alternatives to get the results you want, without the giant corporate budget.

  • I've purchased other courses in the past and they didn't work, How is your course different?

    I’ve been there before -- And that’s where my course is different. I’m in the weeds with you, working along side of you, toiling in the dirt and just doing my thing too. I’m living these tips and tricks day in and day out. Scaling my brand, and the brands of many others, each and every day. I know what it’s like to spend hundreds (sometimes thousands) on courses that get mediocre results. And that’s what drove me to create an affordable solution that helps you show up as the best you.

  • I don't know anything about Instagram/TikTok/Facebook, etc. Will you teach me?

    This course was NOT designed for the beginner. (Though THAT course is in the works for the future). . . THIS course was designed for those who have a base knowledge of the social media platforms they want to be on, and are looking to tailor their approach to get better results online.

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